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The chronicle of Dudley Perkins, as told by Tom Perkins
Just Who Is Dudley Perkins,
and what makes the company that he founded so special? I've heard that question asked many times over the years, and have tried to answer it as best as I know how. And yet there are some things that words won't satisfy. It is a feeling that, being a part of this company, one becomes a small part of a very memorable, rich and unique history. A history of motorcycles, of San Francisco folklore and legends, of Harley-Davidson and the brand that made Milwaukee famous - a history of people, places and things that has continued for four generations and one hundred years.

Through good times and bad we have struggled, prospered, and have hung in there no matter what. It is not the company that my grandfather started in 1914: Like the motorcycle that we sell, it has evolved over time, being constantly refined and fine-tuned. And yet his blueprint for success is with us daily: Do your job in the best possible manner and do it with pride, with humbleness, and with class. Don't "just do it;" do it right, and if by chance it is not right the first time, admit it, fix it, and move on.

My father's fingerprints are also with us daily: Do the job in a way that shows respect for your customer and for your fellow workers. Forgive them their shortcomings, as you want to be forgiven yours. Stand tall but not too tall as to be above the crowd, for you are but one of that crowd.
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a Harley Shop whose value system is a combination of motorcycles, pioneering guts and glory, and an outright love for that piece of iron which preoccupies our daily existence. For us, the race never ends. We go home with the checkered flag every night (even though sometimes it seems like we don't even qualify), and start the next day ready to compete and capture that flag again. And we do it with passion and with pride, as those before us did. We couldn't do it any other way - not with the name Dudley Perkins on the door.

I am proud to be a small part of it, and even prouder of the ones who work with me. Without them and my family, none of this would be possible. Thank you for making 95 years a reality. The best do work here.

In 1914, Dudley Perkins, a legend racer in his own time, established this Harley-Davidson® motorcycle dealership. The ownership transferred directly to his son, Dudley Perkins, Jr. Then ownership transferred directly to his son, Thomas Perkins, who along with his wife Janet currently oversees daily operations with their son Christopher selling motorcycles and learning the ropes, and their "daughter-in-law" Rebecca managing the Wharf Store.

Historical Timeline
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