Team Dudley

Team Dudley AKA Dudley's Wrecking Crew

Name:  LeAnne Alameda 
Job title:  Service writer 
Motorcycle education  16 years total 
& experience:   
Years at DPC:  6 years 
Current ride:  06 Dodge Magnum 
Words of M/C    


Name:  Patrick Jeffery
Age:  Old as dirt 
Job Title: Rentals Manager 
education & experience:

 Built & road my 1st "custom" HD in 1989- Service & Parts
manager 6+ years for aftermarket/custom shop. 1 year @ another Harley Dealer as a service adviser.

Years at
Since 2012 
Current Ride:  1994 FXR 80" 96 HBS torque Built by myself
Words of
Motorcycle wisdom:
 If you don't like what you're doing than do something else! life is to short. 


Name: Paul Gonzales
Age: 39
Job title: Parts Department
Motorcycle education 3 years PHD
and experience:
Years at DPC: 1 year
Current ride: 03 Electra Glide 95 GMC
Words of M/C



Name:  Robert Quindag 
Age:  27 
Job title:  Wharf Store Manager 
Motorcycle education   
& experience:   
Years at DPC:  12 
Current ride:  A car 
Words of M/C  It's all about the journey... 




Name:  Jose Ramirez 
Age:  31 
Job title:  Technician 
Motorcycle education  MMI graduate, 6 years 
& experience:  of experience. 
Years at DPC:  2 year 
Current ride:  '03 CBR 954 RR 
Words of M/C   



Name:  Brad Choye 
Age:  53 (for now) 
Job title:  Over lord of a million part numbers 
Motorcycle education  Riding & Tinkering with 2 
& experience:  wheels for 30 years 
Years at DPC  going on 11 
Current ride:  '05 FLTR 
Words of M/C   "Get out and do it" 
wisdom:  Don't let negative opinions from 
others hold you back from this


Name:  Larry Coler 
Age:  54 
Job title:  Controller 
Motorcycle education   MSF course. Rode a little in 
& experience:  my youth, but mostly a recreational 
rider for past 10-12 years
Years at DPC:  15 
Current ride:  Recenlty sold my FLTR, now mostly 
the Golf cart.
Words of M/C   "Live to ride another day". Common  
wisdom:   sense always told me to err on the of  
caution, especially when my wife
  was riding with me.



Name:  Mark P. Coller 
Age:  48 
Job title:  Technician 
Motorycle education  '81-'90 Auto mechanic, '90-'91 MMI,   
& experience:  '91-'05 various H-D dealerships,
'05-present DPC.
Years at DPC:  Since april of 2005 
Current ride:  1975 FXE/1992 FXR & other bikes. 
Words of M/C  An old biker once told me when I was so much younger,  
Wisdom:  "There are only two kinds of bikers in this world, those 
whom are going down, and those whom have already
  been down, period." and he was correct. (Nuff said)  


Name: Audrey Collins
Job title: Motorclothes Manager
Motorcycle education
& experience:
Years at DPC: 13 
Current ride: Sportster 883
Words of M/C


Name:  Mike Davis 
Age:  99 
Job title:  Parts Guy 
Motorcycle education  I got my first M/C  
& experience:  at age 9 
Years at DPC:  11 
Current ride:  2000 Dyna Sport 
Words of M/C   "Oil is your engines lifeblood"-Wink Eller 
wisdom:  "The cool thing about motorcycles is you  
don't have to ride with anyone...
just get on and go all by yourself". -John Lavaroni
"Keep her under 80!" -Grandma Clark



Name:  Garret Glascock 
Age:  43 
Job title:  Parts Retail Manager/Coffee Guru 
Motorcycle education   MSF Rider course grad. 22 years 
& experience:  riding experience. 
Years at DPC:  16 
Current ride:  '02 Kawasaki ZRX1200R 
Words of M/C   The impression you leave on any  
wisdom:  motorist affects their preception of  
  all riders.  


Name:  Steve Hardeman 
Age:  49 
Job title:  Administration & accounting 
Motorcycle experience  working for Dudley Perkins Co. for 
& education:  10 years is an education. 
Years at DPC:  12 
Current ride:  '06 GMC Envoy 
Words of M/C   Up & down cycles in the M/C  
wisdom:  indrustry are common, so buy Harley- 
  its always a great bike.  



Name:  TK 
Age:  50
Job title:  Sales Manager 
Motorcycle education   Pro-sell, Pace, PHD, 
& experience:  H-DU, ACT 
Years at DPC:  17 
Current ride:  97 Volvo (I'm a sports DAD) 
Words of M/C    



Name:  Geary Lau 
Age:  33 
Job title:  Parts Dept. 
Motorcycle education   City College of SF  
& experience:  Motorcycles 
Years at DPC: 
Current ride:   Toyota Minivan, Rusted CBR 600 
'65 Mustang, Lexus IS300
Words of M/C   !Rubber Down! 



Name:  Declan "Irish" Malone 
Age:  41 
Job title:  Service Manager 
Motorcycle education   MMI 
and experience:   
Years at DPC:  9 years 
Current ride:  Roadking 
Words of M/C    


Name:  Gavan Malone 
Age:  37 
Job title:  Technician 
Motorcycle education  Master Chassis Service 
and experience:   
years at DPC: 
Current ride:  FXR Twin Cam  
Words of M/C   


Name:  Carlos Martinez 
Age:  Three 7 
Job title:  I do it all 
Motorcycle education   I know some things! 
& experience:   
Years at DPC: 
Current ride:  Still...and unmistakably...that bad ass '03 FXDL 
Words of M/C  Speed up or bow down and 
wisdom:  move aside...Thank you 



Name: Dennis Udo
Age: 31
Job title: Shipping & Receiving
Motorcycle education Mean streets of Oakland
& experience: and DPC
Years at DPC: 5
Current ride: 08 FXDB

Words of M/C

If you own a bike,
Wisdom: RIDE IT!!!



Name: Jessica Massoni 
Age:  26 
Job title:  Reception, Events,Website maintenance,Ad building, Etc. 
Motorcycle education   Just what I've picked up working here.
& experience: 
Years at DPC:  Since October 2006 
Current ride:  runner 
Words of M/C  



Name:  Christopher Perkins 
Age:  28 
Job title:  Sales 
Motorcycle education   HDU, Pace, Pro.sell, ACT, class 
& experience:  + growing up at DPC 
years at DPC:  16 
Current ride:  '81 FXWG, '06 giant TCR 
Words of M/C  Whatever Rebecca says... 



Name:  Janet Perkins 
Age:  Older than some 
Job title:  General Manager 
motorcycle education   Whatever I've absorbed being around 
& experience:  Tom,-the Perkins family & D.P.C  
since 1972.
Years at DPC:  13 
Current ride:  Audi S6 with 130,000 fast miles 
Words of M/C   Moms always want their family to 
wisdom:  ride safe! Have fun too, but be safe. 



Name:  Rebecca Perkins 
Age:  27 
Job title: General Merchandise Director
Motorcycle education    
& experience:   
years at DPC:  10 
Current ride:  an SUV & a schwinn 
Words of M/C  If the driver jumps off, you  
wisdom:  should follow in their footsteps! 


Name:  Tom Perkins 
Age:  52 
Job title:  President 
Motorcycle education          Started as a kid in grammar 
& experience:  school sweeping floors, counting 
gaskets, lubing the lathe, washing bikes-all the fun stuff.
Years at DPC:  37 
Current ride:  '08 Roadking, '82 FLH 
Words of M/C   Look twice and don't assume green means go, assume  
wisdom:  nothing and if you drive like you're invisible 
  you'll be ok. 


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