Most frequently asked questions about DUDLEY PERKINS COMPANY rentals

Q. What are the ways that I can reserve a bike?

A.  24 hour advance required for online booking, but you can also call or email the rentals department to check for availability of rental bikes.

Q.  What is the helmet law in California?

A.  All riders and passengers are required by the State of California to wear a DOT approved helmet while operating a motorcycle.

Q.  Can I rent a motorcycle on a permit?

A.  No.  All renters and additional drivers of the motorcycle are required to have the proper motorcycle endorsement while on our rental motorcycles.


Q. What is your policy on late/after hours return of a rental bike?

A.  The Rental Department of DUDLEY PERKINS COMPANY operates from 0900AM to 0500PM, while the main dealership is open until 0600PM.  If a rental bike is returned 2 hours after an expected return time, a $50.00 late fee can be applied to the renter.  If a bike is returned AFTER 0500PM, the cost of another day’s rental fee WILL BE applied to the renter’s bill.  If a customer is going to be late, it is highly suggested to notify the rental department at 650-737-5545.   There are no after hours drop off service available and the customer is solely responsible for the bike until the bike is properly  returned and the contract is closed out.

Q,  What does a “Rental Day” consist of?

A.  A rental day works on a 24-Hour clock that starts from the moment the contract is signed.  We allow a +1 hour “grace period” to return the motorcycle.  After that, we reserve the right to charge a $50.00 Late Return fee.

Q.  Does my motorcycle, automobile or credit card service insurance cover my rental motorcycle?

A.  Do not assume that it automatically does.  Check with your insurance agency to make sure.  We do offer insurance coverage in the form of Loss Damage Waiver, Personal Accident & Personal Protection and Property Damage.

Q.  Is a Security Deposit required?

A.  Yes, regardless of whether or not a renter purchases insurance coverage, we will authorize your credit card for the security deposit of $2,000.00.  We accept all major credit cards, but will not accept debit cards for the security deposit.

Q.  Can I have a passenger or add an additional driver to my contract?

A.  Yes.  But all parties must be present at the time of the pick up to sign a waiver.

Q.  Can we get picked up from the airport and/or hotel?

A.  We offer pick up and drop off service to/from our dealership from SFO.  We are located within 2 miles of the San Francisco International Airport.  We offer free pick up from your hotel that is within 5 miles of the dealership and a nominal fee for outside that

Q,  Can I leave my car parked at your dealership while on my rental motorcycle?

A.  Yes you can, however Dudley Perkins Company assumes no responsibility for vehicles left over night.  

Q,  What is an Orientation ride?

A.  An orientation ride is a mandatory part of the rental process in order to make sure you are comfortable with the motorcycle.  If a person is not comfortable, we reserve the right to either a) move you to another type of motorcycle, or b) not allow you to rent a motorcycle due to safety concerns to both the rider(s) and the motorcycle.